175+ Best WiFi Names Collection For Your Wireless Router

best wifi names ever

In this post, we are going to share Best WiFi Names for your wireless router that will help find out the best ones for your router. Previously, We’ve also written funny WiFi names List make sure you also look through that article too.

Do you think that your router name should look like cool, clever, best, and funny? So, don’t worry guys, you’ve landed in the right place where you can choose the best WiFi Names Collection.

It is very interesting to choose the different names when you buy a new router for your home/office, the 1st thing that comes to our mind is router name, and that is sometimes difficult to look for the best ones.

That is we are here for your service to get you chose best Wifi names of all times for those who are wasting their time a lot just in thining funny WiFi names. So, are you looking for the same? If yes, then this post is going to like a paradise for you.

Because we’ve shared below Best WiFi Names for your network SSID which you can use anytime anywhere. Also, everyone wants to use creative, cool, and amazing WiFi Names for their home/office router that makes you names different from other random WiFi Names.

Also, you must have known that in this world there are numerous creative people who think beyond their imagination and they have incredible and amazing ideas to do some unique things in every wake of life. So, the Same thing they prefer doing with Wi-Fi Network Names.

Even I have seen many router names around my home/office which look like funny, cool, and clever wifi names which you never think of it.

Finally, I hope that you love this post and find Best Wi-FI Names for your router. Thanks for giving us your valuable time.😎

Best WiFi Names List {2020}

WiFi wireless name is a crucial part and very useful for every office and home users. Nowadays, most of the office users are availing wireless network names. Even most of the users put router names on a name of offices that can find useful and unique. Below we are sharing some of them.😎

best wifi names

“New England Calm Router

“Clever Wi-Fi Network Names

“Many Thanks For Asking

“Troy and Abed in the Modem

“M_Magician !!

“Kindness is my Jam !!

“Awkward is my specialty


“Please! Help, I’m Trapped in a Router

“Wi-Fight the inevitable

“God Is Our Rock. He’ll Surely Save You!

” All about that crush life

“I’m like 105% tired

“Ladies I have arrived!

“Drop it like it’s Hotspot

IDK !! Google it.

“I’m here to pet all cats

“Want my Wi-Fi password? then mail?

“Sorry! No WiFi Network Available In Your Area

“Occam’s Router

“Please Connect for Identity Theft

“I’m cheating on my Wi-Fi

“404 Network Unavailable


” I’m too busy being awesome

“Awkward is my specialty

“Please !Hide Yo Kids Hide Yo WiFi

“Bill Wi, the Secience Fi

“Wi-Fi Network? Why Not Zoidberg?

“Cool WiFi Network Names

best wifi names

These are some best wifi names but don’t worry we’ve more below that can ever more helpful to choose the best ones. As you know, people are spending too much time to look for the best wifi names, if you are one of those, this whole article can also be very helpful.

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Best Wi-Fi Names List For NetWork SSID

Once upon a time, one of my friends asked me for my Wi-Fi password and as soon as he opens up Wi-Fi settings, she found some of the best and cool wifi names as well as he found some hilarious, dirty, and funny names too, then he couldn’t stop laughing.

Here are some of them that we are going to share below and we hope you love it and share it on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

funny wifi names


“Connect and Die

“Top secret network

“Look Ma, No Wires!

“Condition is Better

“I Love Bnanas Withoug Bone

“Grey Fox


“Netflix Streaming

“Prohibited Area

“Book Nerd

“Property of my hot wife

“Newlywed cex


“Lord Voledemodem



“Only Work Work Work


“I am hungry

“Shampoo is Better

“Star Trek

“Ha Ha next time lock your router

“Bob’s Unsecured House of Wi-Fi

“Just mind your own business

“Your daughter is whore🙄

“Don’t Even Try It

“My Own Damn Internet

“Shut Your Fucking Dog Up

“Feel Like Flying

This is the second list of our best wifi names. Choose as per you convenient for your wireless network and impress your neighborhoods.😉

Best Funny WiFi Names

Sometimes it becomes hard to find the best funny names for the router. That is why we are here to help you find the best funny wifi names that everyone wants to choose best, cool, and unique Wi-Fi names and which is a bit difficult. Let’s have a look at some of the best wifi names below😎

funny wifi  names
  • IP-Up
  • NSA Net Secure
  • Undercover Police Car
  • Malware Repository
  • IP Freely
  • Very slow internet
  • Making Wifi Great Again
  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Lan
  • Definitely Not An FBI Surveillance Van 
  • Beware! Virus Infected WiFi
  • Spying On You
  • Get Your Own Wi-Fi Fuck Head
  • DEA Surveillance
  • My Neighbors Suck
  • It’s a Small World Wide Web
  • Access Denied
  • Rahul Gandhi Youth Network
  • Log in here!
  • Manmohan Singh Browser
  • A Van Down By The River
  • Click Here For Virus
  • A Van Down By The River
  • Router? I hardly knew her!
  • Hidden Network
  • WamBamThankYouLan
  • I Can Haz Wireless?
  • OhMyLordItsaWiFire
  • The silence of the LANs
  • 6th Sense Mobile Wi-Fi
  • Party Saturday Night APT #434!

Best Geeky WiFi Router Names

Now, it’s high time to share the best geeky WiFi names for your router. Let’s check out.

geeky wifi names
  • Dora The Internet Explore
  • Yes! Old Internet
  • Irrelephant Use of WiFi
  • I Know your WiFi Names
  • HowMetYourWiFi
  • I know your browsing data
  • Hacking Started
  • I’m Under Your Bed
  • It’s ill-Eagle
  • Dialup Internet
  • NSA Surveillance Station 4
  • Error: Can’t Connect
  • Go Go Gadget Internet
  • Enter Wireless
  • Connecting…..
  • I know your chrome history
  • Virus Detected! Do Not Join
  • Slow WiFi
  • InterTubes
  • Uncle_Touchys_Game_Room
  • Undercover Police Car
  • I got an iFun7
  • Choose a Network
  • Obtaining the IP Address
  • Router Failure
  • Device Damaged
  • Error: Please Contact Your ISP
  • Justin Bieber Trivia Questions
  • Signal not found
  • Your Connection Out of Range
  • Click Here To Brick Your Phone

Unique WiFi Names For Home Router

Do you know these days Wi-Fi is one of the crucial parts of our life? I think, yes most people are aware of it and also know that without Internet life it is like bored. So, if you are one of those who don’t use personal WiFi, you should purchase home router so that you can do many tasks easily by making experiment just like changing Wi-Fi names, online shopping, etc. After all, the world is progressing to become a complete digital.

Now, let’s check out the Surprising WiFi names list.

“Passowrd is Passowrd

“Nice Panties

“My Neighbors Suck

“My antenna is bigger than yours

“Free wifi coming soon!

“I Can Hear You Pooping

“Hack me if you can

“We need toilet paper plz

“IP in the shower

“Bondage Club


“Look at your as$

“Fu#ck off

“Wife vs Wi-Fi

“Time to Go Live

“Get lost fool

“What a beutiful sunset

“DIE like a fly

“Bulls#it babes

“TODAYS NEWS! Hacked your facebook name ended with ‘the’

“Your Food is Burning

“Sec C life

“Look Ma, No Wires!

“Call Mre Maybe

“Once See Back

“Don’t keep boring Wi-Fi names

“Now, You are blacklisted

“Please stop having s*x at 3 am

“All gadgets connect here

“Virus Infected WiFi

Best Most Used Wi-Fi Names In 2017, 2018 & 2019

This is the best and most used wifi names list that you will get to see most often as a WiFi name. In fact, everybody loves best SSID names for their WiFi router and this could be the best solution to give the best name to your new purchased router. After getting a new router, you search on Google for different names for your newly router but if you are reading this post, don’t worry, here is the complete solution to your all problems. Let’s check out the list below! 😎

“Network Not Found

“For P*rn Use Only

“Let Me Out Of Your Router

“Abraham Linksys

“Get Off My Lan

“It Burns When IP

“No Wi-Fi For You

“Immigration Authorities

“Backdoor Internet Services

“I Paid For This Did You?

“FBI Surveilance Van

“No Internet Access

“Your WiFi Is Slow

“Drop it Like a Hotspot

“Virus Detected! Do Not Join

“I’m In Your Closet

“I’m Under Your Bed

“Only have this for porn

“I Saw You Naked Yesterday

“I’m Watching you Baby

“Viruses Are Us

Final Words From Funny WiFI Names Zone

Wifi names from wifi zone

So, guys, these are the complete list of Best WiFi Names ever for your network router SSID. I hope you love this complete information. If you have any suggestions that we forgot to note down in this list, feel free to comment below. We will add your unique name to our list. Thanks for reading! 😊

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