160+ Clever WiFi Names Collection For Your Network SSID

clever wifi names

If you are looking for Clever WiFi Names for your network SSID, you’ve landed in the right place, Further, we are going to share 200+ best collection of clever wifi names for your home router that will help you choose the best ones without any hassle.

WiFi networks all have names. Also known as service Identifiers, or SSIDs, and these names are easily visible to your computer, mobile, and nearby network that you might like to connect to and people will see it anywhere around you.

You know that the world is becoming smart day by day to handle the entire situation. People are enough smart and clever to identify the solution to the problem and some are so intelligent to tackle any situation.

On the other hand, there’s a bit of added pressure to choose good and smart WiFi Names for your network. Also, your wifi names could be based on your interests, location and your friends would probably appreciate a different set of names than your mother chose.

However, in the past, we saw many common Wi-Fi names like date of birth, own name, etc. But now it is completely old-fashioned and people are looking for unique WiFI names for their wireless router. That is why we have listed below 200+ best clever wifi names for your network.

Remember, in this clever world, everyone wants to become enough smart and clever among friends, family, and neighbors. If you are one of those, so you surely want to use unique and clever wifi names for them. Don’t worry, we’ve made it easy for you in this post. Let’s get started!😎

Clever WiFi Names Collection

clever wifi names

If you like me and want to keep looking for different clever and unique WiFi names for your router here are the perfect wifi names from classic to trendy options.

I hope you would definitely love it and can express your feeling through Wi-Fi names. This is high to start with giving clever Wi-Fi names to your network SSID. Below you will find various options to choose these names which you can add.

SR. NO. Clever WiFi Names List
1.Call me for password
2.Google it for the password
3.I am Wi-Fi Use me
4.Panic at the Cisco
5.Cheeses Take the Wheel
6.Free Wi-Fi is awesome, I wish everybody had one
7.Every day I am buffering
8.Cheeses Take the Wheel
9.Printer Only
10.Private Jet
11.Printer Only
13.RIP Net Neutrality
14.FBI Van 13
16.Click here to connect and enter password
17.Guest Internet
18.Love is blind
19.Password Generator
20.Harm your device
21.Tell My Wifi Love Her
23.One if by LAN…
25.Happy Wifi Happy Life
26.I’m Too Fast to Handle
27.Hidden Network
29.My data is not for sale
30.Call me to connect
31.Rick Rolled
32.$1 per hour
33.Fourth Floor Wifi
34.Amish Rebel
35.I’m not your assistant
36.Please! Double Click to Connect
37.Wi FiLecia
38.I’m on earth😎
39.Stay Grounded
40.It’s a Small World Wifi Internet

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Best Clever WiFi Names For Wireless Network

Let’s check out the best Clever WiFi Names that are interesting and amazing and I am sure you’d love these and choose those best ones for you.😎

SR.NO.Best Clever WiFI Names
41.Virus Transmitting WiFi
42.The Mad Ping
43.One Wifi to Rule Them All
44.Huge Tracts of LAN
45.Win This Free Laptop
46.Fart On Your Face
47.Wireless Gang Here
48.Touch Me, Baby!😍
49.Your Computer Might be Crack
50.Your Password is cracking
51.1/7 of our lives are Mondays.
52.Wash My Underwear
53.Sorry! Access Denied
54.AMA I am the Internet
55.Eat More, Work More
57.Avengers Destructible Wi-Fi
58.And she called it a … Wi-Fi
60.Your Father is very Naughty
61.Titanic is Sinking🙄
62.Click on Connect and Enter Password
64.Encrypted for You Pleasure
65.Bongo Hotspot
66.Bill Clinternet
67.Last Night With You
68.Smell My Socks
69.Warning! Malware Signals
70.Vodka is the answer to the most question
71.I me myself and I
72.You are cheating on your Wi-Fi
73.I am Wi-Fi Use me
74.Beware! Virus Found
75.Avoid looking at you
76.I feel naughty
77.I’m not a virgin🤣
78.I Love It When IP
79.Free Public WiFi
80.DEA Surveillance #4188A87

Funny Clever WiFi Names

Now, it’s time to get some funny clever names collection that we’ve shared below. Love it and share with your friends, family, and colleagues.

SR.NO. Funny Clever WiFi Names
81.Smart Wi-Fi for smart persons
82.Really, sorry, you can’t use this
83.Free Wi-Fi is awesome, I wish everybody had one.
84.God gave us Internet
86.Shelia’s Shack😎
87.Series of tubes
89.Spider 😎
90.ilEAGLE Wi-Fi
91.It is an open Wi-Fi
95.Left Swipe for Password
96The NSA monitors this network
97.Unlockable Wi-Fi
98.Let Me Out Of Your Router
99.Making 🤔ut with your Aunty
100.Mi-Fi, not your-Fi
101.Life is too short. Smile while you have a free Wi-Fi
102.Malware Repository
103.Fart among each other😂
104.No more grinding at 4 am
105.This LAN is your LAN and this is my LAN
106.No Wi-Fi For You
107.No Wi-Fi For You
108.Your Dog Shits In My Yard
109.You are standing on a barren land
110.Yell “Eggroll” for password
111.Wi-Fi Greeker
112.Will you be my WiFI?😊
113.Dinchank WiFi
114.Why don’t you mind your own business
115.Two Girls One Router
116.This is Lincoln’s Gift
118.Pretty Fly for Wi-Fi
119.I’m watching from top to bottom
120.I now pronounce You man and Wi-Fi

Unique Clever WiFi Names List (2020)

SR.NO.Clever WiFi Names List
121.Untrusted Network
122.Use Your Phone Number
123.Value the Wi-Fi! It’s the substance that life is made of.
125.Meat is murder😁
126.Sorry! No Network Available
127.ByeBye 😀
130.I’m Broker
132.London Bakery
133.No Wi-Fi No Cry
134.I’m In Your Closet
136.WINTERNET is coming..
138.Honey Spot
139.Maggie in 2 minutes
140.I am here
141.Hacker’s Wi-Fi
142.I and you love each other😊
143.John Wilkes Bluetooth
144.It is an open Wi-Fi Platform
145.Wireless Sparrow
147.Wi-Fi Password is *******
148.Virus Detected! Do Not Join
149.My Wi-Fi is in the air
150.Benjamin FrankLAN
151.Bill Wi the Science Fi
152.Martin Router King
153Never Gonna Give You Up
154.Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wi-Fi
155.Starbucks Wi-Fi
156.Text ###### for Password
157.The Creep Next Door
158.The Airplane Fart Bandit
159.This is Lincoln’s Gift
160. Help, I’m Trapped in This Router
161.The LAN Before Time

Final Words From Funny WiFI Names Zone

So, friends, these best Clever Wi-FI names would surely attract your friends, family, and colleagues and if you apply these names to your router, your neighbors definitely shock with this. Also, you can easily modify them as per your chose as these Wi-Fi names are completely free to use.

If you loved these WiFi names, share with your friends, family, colleagues, and loved ones and enjoy with these names. 😎

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