205 Best Cool WiFi Names Collection For Your WiFi Network SSID

Cool WiFI Names

If you are looking for crazy, amazing, and Cool WiFi Names for your router, this post can be very helpful to find the right ones for you and at the same time impressive.

If you are one of those who always tend to find different Network SSID Names, you’ve landed in the right place, here we’ve shared cool names for wireless networks router for you.

These Cool WiFi Names not only make you popular among your neighbors but also let other people know about your thought, creative process, and personality which is being cool ultimately.

So, this is your responsibility to choose the best cool and funny wifi names and share your inner feelings towards your neighbors, these can be used anytime for your wireless network, you can begin hearing those magical words around you.

As you can see around you that many restaurants, houses, hotels even at railway stations are Wi-Fi connection available. You can readily find WiFi networks in all these places without any hassle. Not only that students are also using Wi-Fi names in hostels room. How cool is this, isn’t It? So, this could also be helpful to change your Wi-Fi name on your mobile.

Along with, I think everybody wants their WiFi Names unique and cool, crazy and amazing, am I right? Here are 205 cool wifi names that we have shared below choose the best ones and enjoy.😅

Cool WiFi Names List

Finally, I am very glad to share the Cool WiFi Names List that you will love and share with your friends at the same time. If any question is running in your mind like what Cool and unique names or WiFi names you need, here you will all your answers and you don’t have to go anywhere to find the names. Now, let’s get started, friends🤗

SR. NO. Cool WiFi Names List
1.Wu-Tang Lan
2.13C is the Lonliest Number
3.Super Thanks For Asking WiFi
5Out of Order Try Later
6.One Family One Wi-Fi
7.Google Was My Idea
8.Brain Cord Connection
9.WiFI Art Thou Romeo
10.Go Go Gadget Internet
11.Lan of Milk and Honey
12.“big jock knew”is a cunt
13.Hide Your Kids Hide Your WiFi
14.Property of my hot wife
15.Roleplay Cex
16.Quit Using My Wi-Fi
17.Root Phone
18.Router, I hardly know her
19.Shut your Fucking Dog Up
20.Save Water drink beer!
21.100 problems but WiFi ain’t one
22.All Your Bandwith Belong yo Us😀
23.Protected Cex
24.Really, asshole? Curry again?
25.This is Not Free Either Paid
26.Safe Levels of Rdiation
27.Hey You!
28.We’ve Got the Goods
29.Is it me you’re looking for?
31.Covet not thy neighbor’s WiFi
32.Come and clean up my house
33.Final Fantasy FInally Finishes
34.WiFi Do You Love Me?
35.New England Clam Router
36.Be in Style
37.Let Them Use It
38.Please Use Me
39.Property of my hot girlfriend only
41.Skynet Global Defense Network
42.Sorry for Loud cex🤣
43.Hey, babe! This is my WiFi
44.Smart Wi-Fi for smart persons
45.Plz! stop polluting the environment
47.Call me Maybe Any Time
48.404 Network Unavailable Be Safe
49The silence of the LAN
50.Stop s*cking

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Cool Wi-Fi Names For Router

Get some Cool names for your router, also this is not mandatory that you choose only unique names for your network SSID. You can also set your default router name. Find some handy cool wireless network names below.😎

Cool wifi names
SR. NO. Cool WiFi Names List
534 Guys 1 Router
56Swedish Mafia Safehouse
57I Slept With Your WiFi
58Desperate House WiFi
60Nacho WiFi
61Hogwarts Great Hall WiFi
62No Wires, Still alive and working
65Help, I’m Trapped In a Router
66Trumpyard Network
68.Out of Order Try Later
71.Umbrella Corporation
72.Log In Here
73.Homeland Security
75.Traffic Sniffer
76Zelda a Linksys to the Past
77Ermahgerd We Fer
78.NASA Drone #3
80.Stop watching your ass
81.Teen Idle
82.This is free Wi-Fi. Connect and play
83.This is FBI’s LAN
84.Unlocable WiFi
85.LAN down under
87.Vodka is the answer to most question
88.Who the hell are you
90.Your Seat is wet
91.Fork You Beach
92.Troy and Abed in the Modem
93.The beast mode
94.Clear Your Cookies and Sins First
95.Not a Crackhead
96.Say Hellop To hell
97. F.R.I.E.N.D.S Forever
98.All Cool Names Are Taken
99.Area 51 Test Site
100.The Creep Next Door

Funny And Cool Wi-Fi Names 2020

Funny wifi names

As we know the internet is becoming the most essential things all around the world and half of the population rely on the internet. Now, we cannot imagine without living the internet and without it is like we are nothing.

In fact, most of you still looking for cool and funny wifi names that’s why you are here and reading it. So, whenever you configure your new router for your home, you get confused to set the right name. For that reason, we are here to help you find the best ones for you. Here are some below that could be helpful for you.😊

SR. NO.Funny And Cool WiFi Names
101.My Password is 1234
104.Interner Monster
105Device Not Found
106.Trinity Beach Police (suburb I live in)
107.Baby Use This One
108.I’m Touching Your Daughter
111.Hogwarts Great Hall WiFi
113Taliban WiFi
114.This LAN is my LAN
115.Two girls one router
116.Show Your Love Baby!
117.I have a yeast infection
118.One Does Not Simple Connect to WiFi
119.Dance WiFi
120.Virus Detected in Your Phone
121.Nothing to see here, sorry!
122.Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Lan
123.Wi-Fi, Wi-Not?
124.Hot Lags
126.Dunder Mifflin
127.The Wireless-G Spot
128.Y No You Get WiFi?
129.4 Guys 1 Router
130.Yell “Penes” For Password
132.Stop Being A Mooch🤣
133.Making WiFi Great Again
135.The Net starring Sandra Bullock
136.DHARMA Initiative – Station 4
137.I Can Haz Wireless?
138.My A$$ is Hot4U
140.Wi-Fi Fo Fum
141.Anti-National Network Found😅
142.I Now Declare You Husband and WiFi
143.Fastest Internet In the Neighborhood
144.One Network To Rule Them ALL
145.Sending You My WiFI Bill
146.Let’s Split The WiFi Bill
147.Let’s Hack The Planet
148.FBI Looking For Me
149.Apartment No.666
150.50 Shades of WiFi

Some Bonus Cool Wi-Fi Names For Router

best cool Wi-Fi names
SR. NO. Some Bonus Cool Wi-Fi Names
151.I Killed Bill
152.IP then I Poop
153.Hacker-Free Zone
154.Backe Me A Cake
155.My WiFi is the Coolest
156.Theres a cream for that (must be dual band (5Ghz)
157.Welcome To Your Dome
159.Horny Here😁
161.Big Bang Booger
162.Touch me, I’m horny
163.Series of Tubes
164.Benjamin FranLAN
165.Bring Beer and Women to 40.2
166.I’m RightYou’re Wrong. I Win. You loose.
167.I Speak Fluent Sarcasm
168.If you know me, you know the password
170.RSVP 4 Cody Banks
171.Want free wifi??
172.Harder HARDER
173.I will slap you😅
174.IsThisThe KrustyCrab
177.Oh! You stepped in a dog’s poop.
178.Oh! You stepped on a dog’s poop.
179.Personal Hotspot
180.Swiss Internet
181.Tell My Wi-Fi LoveHer
182.Only For Zombies
183.Free to use WiFi
184.You’re all Noobies
185.Warning! Malware Signals
186.Why don’t you take bath
187.Wi-Fi Black Edition
188.Wi-Fi Greeker
189.You are the Biggest Spammer😋
190.Now, You are blacklisted
191.You are a G*Y
192.You lost Your Temper
193.You Cannot Catch Me
194.You Smell Like Poop
195.Be My Valentine
196.You are standing on a Infertile land
197.You need Super Training
198.Your Device Contains a lot of Viruses.
199.Stay Away, Please!
200.Look at Yourself
201.Son of s Gun
203.Grow a Pair Then Ask Me B*tch
204.Stop Free Loading
205.Your Dog Shits In My Yard

Some Tips For Choosing Cool Wi-Fi Name

Keep in mind, whenever you decide to go with one of our cool wireless names mentioned above, here are some vital 3 things you should consider before choosing any names including:-

  • Choose only that name which is unique and unforgettable.
  • Never keep the router’s name related to the network password
  • Never put your personal information like apartment/house number, address, and birth date, etc.

Final Words From Funny WiFI Names Zone

Finally, with this best collection of Cool Wi-Fi Names, we have provided one level up the coolest Wi-Fi Names that you can ever think of.

If you found the perfect name for your network thanks to this list, and share it with your friends and pin this post on Pinterest by showing your love.

Also, if you want to give any suggestions regarding cools wifi names, comment below and we would add to our best and ultimate list.

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