260+ Best Funny WiFi Network Names For Your Router

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Funny WiFi Network Names– Hello, dear readers, if you are looking for the best funny wifi network names, good wifi network names, best wifi network names for your wifi router, you have landed in the right place where you will find best funny good WiFi network names for your home/office router.

Make sure to read till the end as the post is going to be helpful to you in order to choose the best wifi network names. You may have many hilarious and funnies wifi network names, but in this article, we have added some additional names that are so funny and hilarious for your router.

You know, finding the funny wifi network names is a difficult task sometimes and often we get confused about what to choose and what not to. Also, as you know now the world is becoming more digitalize and each and every single person has an internet connection available in their offices and home.

Whether you have a mobile data internet connection, lease line or broadband. There are many internet service providers that offer you wireless internet connection in order to provide their clients from long to short terms.

Along with that, in order to build a strong relationship, they also offer free stuff like a wireless connection for a month or some days as a free plan. However, in the United States, there are many people who look for creative ideas to dod something different just like me “creative” That is the reason, we’ve collected a massive collection of Funny WiFi Network Names, good WiFi network names in order to make your wifi router attractive.

Now, let’s get into the list of wifi network names but before that keep in mind, when you purchase a new home/office router, the first thing you need to set up your router to run smoothly all across devices. For accessing the admin panel, you must have IP addressed available examples-,,, etc, this is also called host addressed.

Funny WiFi Network Names (2020)

Funny WiFi Network Names

Get the list of funny wifi names below and shock your neighbors with some fun. As we know life is getting bored due to workload, relationship, financial problems, etc. so we must have some fun and always try to be relaxed in every situation in order to get away from that zone.

1. Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wi-Fi
2. Silence Of The LAN
3. Use This One Mom
4. Winternet Is Coming
5. The Promised Lan
6. The Triwizard Internet
7. Dunder MiffLAN
8. Hilary Clinternet
9. Dontlookatporn

10. C:Virus.exe
11. Penny Get Your Own Wi-Fi
12. Justing Bieber trivia questions
13. Sweet Adeline
14. The Ping in the North

15. Virtus Infected WiFi
16. House LANister
17. LAN Solo
18. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-LAN
19. 99 Problems But WiFi Ain’t One
20. New England Clam Router
21. Wi Believe I Can Fi 
22. Please! Mom Cick Here For Internet
23. Virus Distribution Center 
24. The Wireless-G Spot
25. LAN Solo
26. Grammar Disputes
27. Ping’s Landing
28. FBI Surveillance Van
29. The Master Of Whispers
30. The Brotherhood Without Lan Errors
31. Martell Of Sunspear
32. Get Your Own Wi-Fi Fuckhead
33. Revenge Of The WiFi
34. Does This Look Infected
35. My Own Damn
36. Slytherin Common Room Wifi
37. Connect and Die
38. Guardians Of The Gateway
39. Spying On You
40. Access Denied

41. Everyday I’m Buffering
42. Virus Distribution Center 
43. Titanic Syncing
44. Watch Porn At 4G Speed

Clever WiFi Network Names List

SR. NO.Clever WiFi Names
45.Panic at the Cisco
46.Cheeses Take the Wheel
47.RIP Net Neutrality
49.Wi-FI Fo Fum
51FBI Channel 90210
52I am under your bed
53Hi, my sweetheart
54.Planet Express
55.It’s a Small World Wide Web
56.Will You Be Mine GF
57.A free Wi-Fi $ounds
58.You Are My Current Crush
59.Stop Playing Loud Music
60.Global Defence Network
61.Mom is Watching You
62.IP Freely
63.Your Brain On Drugs
64.Witness Protection
65.Your Wifi My Kids
66.Double Click to Connect
67.Amish Rebel
68.Stop Playing Loud Music
69.Warning! Malicious Malware Identified
70.Join My Network
71.A Router of Ice and Fire
72.Weak Single
73.Jesus Sees You
74.Wow, What A Curvy
75.You Will Regret This
76.Clever Wifi is Clever
77.Reserved for Guests I Hate
78.Rick Rolled
79.Many Girlz n Single Router
80.Breaking LAN
82.Happy Wifi Happy Lifi
83.Wi of the Figer
84.Connection Failed
85. Avengers – Wifi Wars

RelatedCool WiFi Names Collection

Wireless Network Names

SR. NO.Wireless Network Names
86.Troy and Abed
87.I’m in Your Closet
88.I Can Haz Wireless?
89.Wu-Tang LAN
90.Wu-Tang LAN
91.2 Girls, 1 Router
93.No Wi-Fi For You
95.Get Off My LAN
96.Occam’s Router
97.Troy and Abed in the Modem
98.My Neighbors Suck1
99.No Wi-Fi For You
100.Malware Repository
101.Noy In Range
102.Ermahgerd, Wi-Fi!
103.Not Free To Get Stuffed
104.Enter The Dragon’s Network
105.Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
106.Abraham Linksys
107.Untrusted Network
108.Go Home Tourists
109.Virus Infected Wi-Fi
111.The silence of the LANs
112.Dothraki Sea
113.The Network Ws Promised
114.Who What When Where WiFi
115.Daily Bread
116.Router? I hardly knew her!
117.Printer Only
118.$1 per hour
119.A LANister Never Forgets
120.Let Me Out Of Your Router
121.You Shall Not Password
122.This is Not Free Either
123.Help, I’m Trapped in a Router
124.Last Night I Saw You, Naked
125.Bring Beer and Women to 40.2

Best Funny WiFi Network Names

125. 8hz WAN IP
126. Tell My WiFi Love Her
127. Talk Less, Work more
128. Simon Says No WiFi

129. Thnaks Obama
130. Call Me Maybe

131. Modern Family

132. You Pay Now
133. Thanks Obama
134. Bandwidh Together

135. DHARMA Initiative – Station 4
136. Babe Cave
137. Poop Emoji
138. Penny get your own wifi
139. Got Milk?
140. Scary Spoty Posh Ginger Baby

141. This Space Left Intentionally Blank
142. A Van Down By The River
143. Keep it on the Download
144. Series of Tubes

145. Your music is annoying
146. Undercover Police Car

147. No Soup For You
148. It’sDangerousToGoAlone
149. Click Here To Brick Your Phone
150. Websteros Winternetfell
151. Look Ma, No Wires!
152. LANdo Calrissian

153. Connection Lost
154. I Pronounce you Man and WiFi
155. Vandelay Industries
156. Please login in here
157. Click Here For Viruses
158. Little Fingers Whore House

159. The Dornishmens WiFi

160. Loard of The Iron Islands

Creative WiFI Names List

SR. NO.Creative WiFI Names
161.The Pingslayer
163.A Song Of Ice And Firewall
164. Girls Gone Wireless 
165.WiFi Art Thou Romeo
166.Living on the wire
167.All Men Must WiFi
168.The Ping Slayer
169.Battle of the Bastards
170.Taecenarr Maleris
171.Lannister Of Casterly
172.Baratheon of Strom’s End
173.Slytherin Common Room Wifi
174. No Pants No Problems 
175.We’ve Got the Goods
176.My Crown My Kingdom
177.The Prophet
178.I was an X Man
179.1MB is never Enough
180.Couldn’t Find A Cool Name
181.You are so Wonk
182.Wi-Fire and Blood
183.Saena Calmaereon
184.A Song of Ice and Firewall
185.Lord Paramount of the North
186.Stark of Winterfell
187.Enter Wireless
188.NSA Surveillance
189.We Do Not Load
190.Brain Cord Connection
191.Wi-Fry Chicken
192.Life Blood
193.Hit the Road Jack Input
194.I Love My Neighbor
195.Free For 1 Day
196.The Dark knet
197.Blind Sight
198.No Wires, Still alive and working
199.Find nearby WiFi
200.Dialup Internet

Good WiFi Network Names List 2020

SR. NO.Good WiFi Network Names
201.Chess champion
202.Wi-Fi is in the air
203.Pole Searching For a Hole
204.Awkward is my specialty
205.I’m like 104% tried
206.All about that crush life
207.IDK!! Google it
208.Ladies I have arrived
209.Password is You
210.I have a Weird Wi-Fi
211.Candy Crush
212.Quit Using My Wi-Fi
213.I am not your assistant
214.Bows Before Bros
215.Guardians Of The Gateway
216.Avengers – Wifi Wars
217. The Creep Next Door
218..WiFi is in the air
219.Do not type Wi-Fi Password
220.To Create A Soul
221.DIE like a fly
222.Breath Wi-Fi
223.Drop it like its Hotspot
224.The Godfather
226.My Own Damn Internet
227.Password Is Cool
228.Call me idiot
229.Prohibited Area
230.Die like a fly

Cool WiFi Network Names List

231. Hack Me If You Can
232. For Porn Use Only
233. Best Wi-Fi range

234. Book Nerd
235. Check your pocket

236. Don’t Stop Wi-Fiing
237. Dont touch my Daughter

238. The Password Is Andserson
239. Avengers destructible

240. First-time cex

241. Ha Ha Next Time Lock Your Router
242. Harm your device

243. 150 MBPS Speed
244. 404 Wi-Fi Unavailable
245. The Next Door Girl
246. Test Wi-Fi Please ignore
247. Bongo Hotspot
248. We Like When You Watch
249. Final Fantasy Finally Finishes
250. Please Use Me

251. Eagle Wi-Fi
252. Honey Spot
253. I’m a destroyer
254. I am the Internet, AMA

255. I did not copy this from anywhere
256. I fathered your child
257. Wi-Fight the inevitable?

258. Wireless Sparrow

259. Moving With Your Aunty

260. I’m too sexy
261. We’re the FBI
262. Fork You Beach
263. Clear Your Cookies and sins First
264. Your Dtole My Bacon

265. Online Ninja

Final Words From Funny WiFI Names Zone

Finally, guys, this was the massive list of funny wifi network names and I hope these wifi network names will be helpful to your wireless router. Most of the time we prefer using a wireless network in offices and homes but these days are being used in the world like teas stall, cafe, or railway station, etc.

Guys do share this post with your friends, family, and colleagues on every social media platform you prefer. 😎

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